Martin Fine Homes: Distinctive

Innovative Design.

Whatever the project, from small remodels to complete custom homes, we endeavor to bring creativity and fresh ideas to the table. We take pride in our ability to co-op with our clients to work through the steps of a project and to find creative and innovative solutions that result in a final product that our clients can be proud of and enjoy. Some of our most successful projects have been design/build projects where we work hand-in-hand with clients to creatively design as we go, enabling the clients to adapt the design as the project progress. Occasionally building projects come with unexpected challenges and or difficult decisions; in that event we are diligent to work with the clients to find solutions that are consistent with the projects criteria.  Many of our projects have begun at initial design stage, working with the clients to develop a plan for the home or remodel. It is important to us that our projects are designed to maximize the potential and beauty of the sites natural surroundings. It is important that views, sun-exposure, sight lines and layout should be integrated with the site in mind.  Towards that end we are pleased to offer in house design work.

Inspired Excellence.

We approach every project with a focus on achieving excellence in every area. We have a passion for what we do and on every project we endeavor to produce unexpected quality and attention to detail. Life is meant to be lived well, and for us that means consistently giving our best and striving to get better at what we do. In order to achieve a successful project, we work diligently to see a project through to completion, on time and on budget with out compromising the quality, or details. This is achieved as our team approaches each day with an attitude of excellence. We are blessed to draw inspiration from the beauty of creation that surrounds us, our sea, our forest, our rivers and our sky. We also endeavor to build with habits that honor the land we live on, the one we will pass on to our children. We also draw inspiration from the Master Carpenter who has demonstrated his commitment to excellence, care for creation and abundant life.

Enduring Craftsmanship.

Skilful design and excellence should lead to a time-less product. We recognize that our projects are subject to severe and at times extreme weather conditions. We have developed an approach to building that is tailored to this environment. We give special attention to structural and exterior details that will hold up to the elements and maximize durability in these conditions. We also recognize that “life happens” and work with our clients to choose interior finishes that will hold up the rigors of every day life. Building time-less homes is a delicate balance of selecting products that will hold up to every day wear and tear, choosing products that won’t become dated, while using building techniques that will stand up over time. For us our work is an expression of who we are, so we endeavor to continually hone our skills and build with professional craftsmanship resulting in a product we can take pride in.